Saint Andrew's Preschool

Call (831) 336-5157 to schedule a visit. We are accepting new enrollment.

Please visit the Preschool's new webpage: Saint Andrew's Preschool.

Meet the director, Sherry Stone:

Hello to St. Andrew's families and friends! I would humbly like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Sherry Stone and I've been chosen by the board to take on the responsibility of director/teacher of your school. I have been employed in the field of education for well over fifteen years with an emphasis on acknowledging that each of us are individuals, therefore recognizing that we all learn differently.

I was born on a Native American Cherokee reservation and am very non-traditional. I was first introduced to American public schools when I was eight years old and really had a problem sitting like little ducks all in a row trying to learn the traditional American public school way and actually rebelled against for a long time. Ask me about it sometime...

I graduated from Louisiana State University with a Major in Primary Education and a Minor in Visual Diverse Arts. I have taught primary age children as well as adults and continue daily to be inspired.

My objective is to progress with love and passion, to implement creative, academic learning with the love of God, and community as my foundation.

I look forward to the new challenges set before me and can't wait to meet and talk to all of you.