Alleluia Christ is Risen

It is an honor to share this Easter with you all and it was a joy to see the Church so full Sunday morning and to see so many pious souls share the Sunrise service at 6:00 AM. Easter brings with it the promise and hope of the resurrection and we can feel it in the air around us in the new faces and the old faces returning to hugs and smiles I’ve seen these past few weeks.

Evangelism is usually a word we don’t speak of in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement yet I’ve been seeing and hearing it from your voices and witness over the Lenten season at our Soup Suppers. We all are the Church, not just our building and parish but us as individuals and the community. I continue to marvel with you at the sharing you are doing, the inviting that you are doing, the Evangelism that you are doing.
This first weekend we are having a community event, the Plant sale. This is more than a fund raiser it is a community statement as we share the fruits of our backyards and green thumbs with others. The next week we as a diocese will have the Walkabout of the Candidates for Bishop. I invite you to check out the sessions in person of on-line and get a feeling for how the Spirit is calling God’s people in El Camino. I will be attending the gathering in Mountain View and by this time next month we will be meeting to vote on our new Bishop. I pray he or she is as heart strong and generous, spiritual and courageous as our current Bishop. Let me and or our delegates to the election convention, The Butlers, know of your preferences.

On a personal note, I will be taking a vacation week the third week of this month, starting after the Vestry meeting on the 17th. I will miss Sunday the 19th. Check your bulletins to see if there will be a Eucharist or Morning Prayer on that Sunday. I will be back on the 26th.

I hope you all have a joyful and prosperous May. I do love the Spring.
I remain yours in Christ.



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