In-Person Worship

To the people of St. Andrews,

Greetings! Santa Cruz County has moved to the Orange Tier. That is cause for celebration. This means we will be able to have indoor in person worship in our Parish Hall. The church is too small and with distancing, would accommodate only a very few.

Ray and I will set up chairs with the appropriate distancing. You will need to wear a mask. We will not be distributing communion, but virtual communion will be held as we have been doing.

For those who aren’t ready to gather in community we will continue Zooming our service online as we have been doing. The diocese has asked each church to create a reservation system so we will not exceed the number of spaces. If you want to attend in person, just email ( the church office, leave your name, number, and how many people in your party will be attending. If there are more reservations than spaces available (earliest emails first) then we will call or email you and let you know, and perhaps you might want to attend the following Sunday. Please email the church office prior to Friday NOON to reserve a spot. Please be patient as we are new to this and will try and eliminate problems before they happen. Hopefully there will be a quick learning curve.


Steve LaFever, Senior Warden

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