Welcome Home

Our Mission Statement:
We are a diverse and welcoming family in Christ, united in the worship of God. We are striving as an Episcopal parish to follow the example of Jesus, loving one another and reaching out to our community in service.

Location and Services:
We are located at 101 Riverside Avenue in Ben Lomond, California. We have two Sunday services at 8am and 10am and Wednesday evening prayer at 5:15pm (services temporarily on hold during pandemic – see info below for our Virtual Services).

Sunday Services:
Missed a service? Sunday services can be viewed on our YouTube channel or through our Facebook page. We are staying vigilant during the pandemic, yet we can gather together to pray and interact in different ways. Join us on Sundays for Morning prayer at 10am followed by fellowship on Zoom. Join us on the Zoom Meeting.
Meeting ID: 885 7966 1356
Passcode: 276445

Lent and Easter Schedule

March 28th, 10:00am: Palm Sunday with Rev. Mary Lou McKenney

April 1st, Noon: Maundy Thursday with Mary Lou McKenney

April 2nd, Noon: Good Friday, Stations of the Cross with Rochelle, Ray, and Sharon

April 4th, 10:00am: Easter Sunday – He is Risen! with Rev. Mary Blessing

Donations and Tithes:
We are now accepting donations online! Click on the link below and you will be brought to our donations page. You will have the opportunity to just make a simple donation or designate your donation to one of our ministries (i.e. Sunday School, Gardening Guild, Flowers, Altar Guild, Building Fund, or any other donation that we may mention at our Service). You may also enter your pledges here (there is even an option for recurring donation)! Just type in the space provided of where you would like your donation to go under “Designate Donation”. If nothing is typed, we will assume that it is for our general fund. So thank you in advance for your donation! Click here to Donate.

What does it mean when you say “All Are Welcome”?
It’s what makes us as an Episcopal church – the idea that all are welcome in our church, at our table. No matter your orientation, denomination, race, ethnicity, political beliefs, what has happened in your past – we come here together to worship and share in fellowship and love, just as Jesus taught us.

Top 10 Reasons to be an Episcopalian by Robin Williams

10. No snake-handling.
9. You can believe in dinosaurs.
8. Male and female, God created them; male and female we ordain them.
7. You don’t have to check your brains at the door.
6. Pew aerobics (you’ll understand when you come to Sunday Service).
5. Church year is color-coded.
4. Free wine on Sunday.
3. All of the pageantry – none of the guilt.
2. You don’t have to know how to swim to get baptized.
1. No matter what you believe, there’s bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you.