Rev. Rob’s Corner

Summer flew by so quickly. Beginning the weekend after this Piper comes out, we will be back to our normal service schedule. I was pleased with the turn out this Summer as we averaged almost as many people at 9:00 as we do with two services during the year.

This fall, as many of you know, will bring a couple of our major fundraisers. In September, we have our Wine Music Festival, and in October, our Golf Tournament. Please share and invite your friends and neighbors, not just to raise money, but to build and reinforce community. Remember the church is the community and vice versa. The word Ecclesia from which our word church derives meant community. The name became synonymous with the building, but the church is not the building. We can grow the community by interacting with the community. That may bring people to worship with us, but that is not the reason to do it. God’s Kingdom is all of us, rich and poor, free and slave, Gentile and Jew, as Paul so often reminds us. We don’t use those delineations as much today, but the point is God’s community is all of us. Let’s invite them. October brings the blessing of the animals as you remember. Invite your friends and acquaintances to the first Sunday in October service and we can bless their pets too.

The fall also brings the Stewardship campaign and while that is not for a couple of months, I would like to tell you how grateful I am for those who stepped up with the adopt a bill effort. Several people came forward to pay a utility bill here and a garbage bill there (not sure which actual bills were designated). This really helps, so thank you. If you remember we operate on a faith based budget which means we can’t forecast revenues to match expenses for the whole year even though we are very close. We are doing our best to keep and lower our on-going expenses and raise more funds outside of our pledge and plate income, but you all stepping up during shortfalls shows how much this community means to you.

Well that’s all for now. Again, I want to thank you all for being here during the Summer. As we return to our regular schedule don’t forget those who attend the other services. It’s been a year since I started come next week and it has flown by. Let me know how I can best serve you as we walk this walk of Christ together.

I hope you all have a joyful and prosperous September.
I remain yours in Christ.

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