Kirking of the Tartans

The tradition of Kirking of the Tartans is shrouded with the mists of Scottish history. Some say that it came about after the Battle of Culloden when highland dress (family tartans or plaid patterns that represented a family/community) and customs were band and oppressed. People would wear a small piece of tartan under their clothes to church on a special day for blessings. Others say the tradition began early in American history as a tribute to their Scottish heritage.

It is well known that the history of this small community of San Lorenzo Valley was settled by the Scots, hence our towns’ names of Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Felton, and the bonny banks of Loch Lomond.  In the later part of November, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Andrew, the patron Saint of Scotland and of our little red church in the Redwoods.

On Saturday, November 23rd at 6pm, we invite all to come be a part of our annual celebration. Bring your tartans (or anything that represents your family) and join us. Kick off your holiday season with a blessing for you and your family and enjoy Scottish music and dancing from our amazing performers, Laura and Ashlyn Boothby. Bring a family favorite dish to share at our potluck afterwards. All donations (monetary and/or canned goods) will be given to Valley Churches United Missions to help kick off their holiday efforts here in our community.

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