St. Andrew’s 19th Annual Chili Cookoff

The biggest rivalry during this year’s chili cook-off was between Fr. Blaine Hammond and Duquan Ruff for the Hottest, but Edible Chili category. Duquan won the category first a couple of years ago and Fr. Blaine won last year. The score was 1 to 1. With Fr. Blaine retiring in June and Duquan graduating from SLVHS in June, this was going to be the tie breaker. By just a handful of votes, Duquan Ruff won the category this year with “Duquan’s Hella Hot Chili” containing 8 jalapenos, 12 habaneros, and some dried and ground arbol chilies. “I tried to get my hands on some Ghost Peppers and a Carolina Reaper, but there weren’t any available. I’ll have to grow my own for next time,” stated Duquan. This year’s Best Overall winner is Cathy Newfield’s “Chuck Wagon Chili” who will have her name added to the plaque. You can see the plaque hanging near the in the Parish Hall. It’s St. Andrew’s Hall of Fame. Here are the winners of the other categories:

Hottest, but Edible: Duquan Ruff – “Duquan’s Hella Hot Chili”
Hypothermia Cure: Fr. Blaine Hammond – “Santa Fe Green Chili”
Thinkin’ Outside the Box: Teresa and Steven Ruff – “Philly Chili”
Just Like Mom’s: Stefanie Erdman – “Mom’s Best Chili”
Surprisingly Awesome: Cathy Newfield – “Chuck Wagon Chili”
Best Overall: Cathy Newfield – “Chuck Wagon Chili”

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