Rev. Rob’s Message

Fellow Parishioners:

December is upon us and with that the Holidays. I’m always amazed at how quickly time passes and this is the beginning of my fourth month with you all. A whole season has passed and we now begin to enter a new year together, liturgically and tempo-rally.
I want to thank all of you who worked so hard this past month to make not only the Installation but also the Kirking go so well. Our community here may be small but we are integral to the greater region and hopefully cast a meaningful shadow from out steeple into the lives of those around us.

As we close in on our Christmas celebration you will be hearing me this Advent speak about inviting in addition to our traditional welcoming. You come here for a reason. St. Andrews specifically and church more generally. Reflect upon what calls you to be part of our community. Reflect upon the grace you feel here and reach out to your relatives, friends and neighbors to come and join us for worship this Christmas. Many only make appearances for the high holy days of Easter and Christmas and this has been true for hundreds of years not just recently. Let us all make an effort to get those we know and love to come experience us as part of their holidays this year. Maybe some will stay or come back.

Keep your eyes and ears open for our Christmas worship schedule and invite, invite, invite. Then we can all welcome as I know you do and will those who grace our doors this Winter’s eve.

That’s all for now. Drop me a line at the rector’s email to make appointments to see me. We are making slow and steady progress on this front. I’d like to see more of you.

Blessings, I am happy to be and remain:

Yours in Christ

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