Season of Epiphany

Fellow Parishioners:

February brings its welcome winter rains. It also keeps us for the month in the season of Epiphany. When thinking during this time about who Christ is for you as we’ve been talking about these past few weeks let us reflect too about who we are as a community.

Now that the Annual meeting is past us, and thank you all for participating, we can turn our eyes to the year ahead. What sort of shadow do we want to cast from our steeple, as they say? I know we pride ourselves on being the community’s church, how can we engage more with the community? Share your thoughts and ideas with the Vestry. Talk to each other, Risk putting yourselves into the world again and listen for the Spirit calling to you. Let us endeavor to truly be the voice of Christ here in the woods.

Lent will also be upon us before we know it. I’ve mentioned before about possible Lenten series for the Community. I was thinking either Sunday brunch after the 10 o’clock service or perhaps a Lenten Soup Supper on Thursday nights – culminating with our Holy Thursday service. I would also like to know how you want to celebrate Easter. I understand you do a Vigil Service on Saturday night. Would that be with all the Episcopal bells and whistles? Are there two services on Sunday or just one combined? Talk to me and/or your Vestry members about your preferences and how you can help.

A reminder again to watch out for bogus emails. Don’t automatically respond. Think, is this from the normal email account? Does this sound like me? Mostly my emails to you will not require a direct response unless you are perhaps on the Vestry or we’ve already been communicating about a topic. Any requests I might make will be specific and I hope never vague or open ended. I’ve only been here a few months as yet and my real email account was hacked (I fixed it) and a bogus email account was set up to phish (tech term for fishing) for your replies. A good number of these things are created and run by bots (tech term for software robots) so expect there will be more in the future. When in doubt, delete. If it is important, we will get in touch.

That’s all for now. Drop me a line at the rector’s email to make appointments to see me. We are making slow and steady progress on this front. I’d like to see more of you. I’m sorry if I can’t meet you for dinner with Maggie on a one-on-one basis normally. Since we live over the hill, it would mean a separate commute, outside normal times, or Maggie having to drive up on her own since I’d already be here. I know this is different than in the past for some of you and I thank you for your understanding.

Blessings, I am happy to be and remain:

Yours in Christ

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