Lenten Soup Supper Series

Fellow Parishioners:

March is here and Ash Wednesday is next week. Make sure to join us for the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and then the Lenten Soup Suppers on Thursday nights each week up until Holy Week.
I will provide a soup offering each week and invite others to bring some simple fare to share such as bread of cheese. The idea is to offer a modest repast with fellowship and sharing. I hope to see you there. Feel free to let me know of your intention to attend so that I might have an idea as to how much soup to prepare. The evenings will start on Thursday March 7th and go through April 11th at 6:00 PM in the Church Hall.

What is Love asking us to do? This is our theme coming out of Epiphany and it is a good theme to carrying us into Lent. Lent traditionally is about giving something up – chocolate or coffee for example. Well this Lent let’s try something different. This Lent let us strive to display or act out one overt act of loving kindness out-side of our normal routine each week. Lest you think this is some-thing trivial or simple it is not. It would mean that you would need to reflect upon the normally kind or loving things you do and then come up with something not normal for you. Maybe this week it is making dinner for a friend or family member and delivering it to them, or paying for the groceries for a stranger. I don’t know what it might mean for you but for Lent let us make an effort to increase our acts of kindness rather than deny ourselves something. What is Love asking you to do?

This coming month in addition to our Lenten Suppers we will have a St. Patrick’s day dinner on the 16th, a Saturday and the fol-lowing Sunday a week later the 24th we will be receiving a visitation from our Bishop. As I mentioned in the announcements we will be having only one service that day for the whole congregation and I hope you all can attend to help us worship and say fare well to our beloved Bishop Mary.

That’s all for now. Drop me a line at the rector’s email starector@sbcglobal.net to make appointments to see me, have a safe and spiritual beginning to the Lenten Season. Keep your fellow parishioners in your prayers.

Blessings, I am happy to be and remain:
Yours in Christ

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